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God’s Voice or Satan’s voice

This is a different question to, “Lord, what is your will for my life?”  In the question just asked the speaker is turning to the person whom they know is Faithful, the one person who will never let us down and never let go.

Am I hearing God’s voice or Satan’s voice?  My passion is to educate, prepare and equip ladies for spiritual warfare.  This question implies the speaker is aware of the battle for our souls, that it is not only God who speaks to us.

Praise God that I will be sharing more on this topic with ladies at the Parkway Church of Christ at 4360 Ogeechee Rd, Savannah GA on August 18, 2018.  If you are in the area, I invite you to register for this Ladies’ Day at their website.

In the meantime, keep you Spritual Eyes open and focused on the Cross.

God bless,



Too smart for God?

Yesterday I sat down with my 25 year old daughter yesterday for her birthday brunch. While eating our food and sipping on our mimosas I asked my millennial if she had heard of the recent successful cloning of a monkey. You know how any topics can pop up in the search for conversation. What followed was a lively debate that we both enjoyed but left me doing much thinking.

Not the kind of debate I had so enjoyed in High School where each opposing team took a defined stand on an Issue and commenced a total onslaught on the other team using logic and superior turn of phrase. No, this was more open, more honest A time of questioning, brainstorming if you will, .

The ethical and moral judgment on what the scientist had achieved was pushed aside in favor of the question, “At what point does life begin ?”

Does life begin when scientists artificially merge two cells that will result in a living creative? If so, what about the other end Of the argument? What if you are in a vegetative condition being Kept alive only by machines ? Are you alive? If someone turned the switch off’ You world die Does that define being alive then as the ability to breathe independently or the ability to think independently? There are human beings with severely handicapped mental capacity who are very much alive.

Of course I have always believed that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, Holding to that belief means that if the plug is pulled on a vegetative body it ts man who has ended that life.OK. So now we are back to the Severy mentally handiCapped. At what basic brain function is one alive?

The now merged cells do not breathe or have a heartbeat. Yes they have the potential but in themselves they do not, By this point it was time to leave the restaurant and end our time of questions,

I shall, of course ‘ Continue to Know without a doubt that the Lord goes and the Lord takes away, but let’s just say, I’ve started thinking. .

Started thinking that it is not wrong to have natural curiosity,

Thinking about man building the tower of babel in order to be as high as God while now we perform procedures with microscopic cells that only God used to be able to do,

Asking if Abraham was an idiot because he blindly obeyed God without questioning him?

Thinking of one of my uncles who was a member of Mensa who although holding a degree in theology eventually deciding that all of life and God is life and energy (when Jesus clearly said I am the light of the world)

So I am thinking and still choose the simple blind faith

God please help me!

I was recently watching TV with a friend who is not a Christian. A character in the show was in deep trouble and called out “God help me! * “Funny how people will turn to God only when they need him ” I Said and to my surprise my friend agreed I then sat thinking about those in the Bible who had Called on God for help, There were many but all whom God had rescued had one thing in common an unswerving faith in God. So while I have no doubt that God will answer any prayer He chooses to ‘ it stuck me Hat the more of God you have in your life, the greater thewirades He can perform through you. when Peter stopped out of the boat in faith Satan immediately turned his attention off of Christ on to his circumstance. With his gaze returned to Christ, Peter was able to do the impossible. when we plug our faith into the so dwt of Gods Gods Spirit the power available to us is immeasurable Keep your eyes fixed on things above and be blessed!.

Thanks and Thanksgiving.

A friend who was a fabulous chef invited us to his home for one of his feasts. when all the guests were seated at the table and Knowing that I am a Christian another friend suggested to the host. “Lets say grace.” His reply, “grace”.

Last week I sat down to a Thanksgiving meal at my office which was a potluck. Not one person stopped to mention anything they were grateful for and I did not observe any one bowing their head in prayer. Why call this meal Thanksgiving?

Today is Thanksgiving Day 2017 I woke up early and started wondering about those who circumstances left them with very little to be grateful for. Perhaps they were short of the material needs of Life. Perhaps they had chronic health issues that made every single day a challenge. This is the reality of life and so I thank God eternally that there is more to life than the physical.

Today I thank Him that through his Word He has allowed mankind to experience the spiritual world which includes his entire plan of love. Thank you Father for your unspeakable riches promised to those who love you

What exactly is a “serious” Christian?

Recently a friend and I had dinner together. After I ordered a Margarita to drink she said, ‘oh miss Deborah. You surprise me. I always thought you were such a serious Christian lady!’

‘I am a very serious follower of Christ and love the freedom He has given me.’

You have been there. That conversation you wish you were better prepared for…the better things you think of later that you could have said but that moment has passed.

The next thing my moral compass started flipping all over the dial. Was she indeed correct? Had I not ‘set myself apart’ by ordering an alcoholic drink?

The reasoning began. Scriptures I had learned since childhood keep surfacing into my mind.

One thing, no two things I have total certainty about:

1. I will not be a hypocrite

2. Jesus is the Lord of my life and Lord of Everything. Which by definition excludes nothing.

When eating meat previously offered to idols became an issue, we remember Paul saying the “kingdom is not a matter of food or drink.”

Yet I am constantly reminded that people with little knowledge of Scripture have very different perceptions of teaching I understand.

So to answer the question, ‘what is a serious Christian? ‘ my answer must be:

The person who puts every thought and action through the filter of God’s love. And this gives me a great opportunity to engage my friend the next time she orders a beer and I order a Margarita. Imagine what God’s love can do for her!

Saint or Sinner

If you are like me, running in front of God is par for the course.  I am not patient and waiting for His plans to unfold is probably the thing I do worst.  One day I am driving to work and I hear a song on the radio about being a sinner and a saint at the same time.  I look at my speedometer and think, “That’s pretty much what the Christian walk is like.” When I am driving way too fast, my car gets out of control, my risk increases, caution flies to the wind and basically I am out of control.  The need for God decreases as my speed increases.

But, when I slow down I feel the car is steady.  My ability to calculate risks is improved.  I can even relax and drive in “auto-pilot”, basically without thinking.  That is what it is like when my life is being controlled by God.

Isn’t is so much easier being a saint?

Deborah Flagg

Watch an introduction to my presentation on Spiritual Warfare on You Tube. Look for Deborah-Kay Flagg

Church of Christ Ladies Day Speakers

Deborah FlaggDeborah Flagg

Northwest Tampa Church of Christ
Tampa, Florida

I was born and raised in South Africa.  We lived in LA while my dad earned his Bachelor’s of theology from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles in the late 60’s.  Yes, I was a preacher’s kid. I did my life “back to front” graduating this year at the age of 52 with an undergraduate in Public Service Administration (criminal justice) and plans to attend Law School. I have taught all levels of Bible classes throughout my lifetime in the church of Christ.  My favorite topic is any Scripture but more specifically Spiritual Warfare. We know that Satan is after God’s children and none of us is exempt. Discover how subtle and insidious the snares of Satan can be and how he knows every chink in our armor. Ladies, we are in a spiritual warfare and the Word of God is our…

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