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What exactly is a “serious” Christian?

Recently a friend and I had dinner together. After I ordered a Margarita to drink she said, ‘oh miss Deborah. You surprise me. I always thought you were such a serious Christian lady!’

‘I am a very serious follower of Christ and love the freedom He has given me.’

You have been there. That conversation you wish you were better prepared for…the better things you think of later that you could have said but that moment has passed.

The next thing my moral compass started flipping all over the dial. Was she indeed correct? Had I not ‘set myself apart’ by ordering an alcoholic drink?

The reasoning began. Scriptures I had learned since childhood keep surfacing into my mind.

One thing, no two things I have total certainty about:

1. I will not be a hypocrite

2. Jesus is the Lord of my life and Lord of Everything. Which by definition excludes nothing.

When eating meat previously offered to idols became an issue, we remember Paul saying the “kingdom is not a matter of food or drink.”

Yet I am constantly reminded that people with little knowledge of Scripture have very different perceptions of teaching I understand.

So to answer the question, ‘what is a serious Christian? ‘ my answer must be:

The person who puts every thought and action through the filter of God’s love. And this gives me a great opportunity to engage my friend the next time she orders a beer and I order a Margarita. Imagine what God’s love can do for her!


Saint or Sinner

If you are like me, running in front of God is par for the course.  I am not patient and waiting for His plans to unfold is probably the thing I do worst.  One day I am driving to work and I hear a song on the radio about being a sinner and a saint at the same time.  I look at my speedometer and think, “That’s pretty much what the Christian walk is like.” When I am driving way too fast, my car gets out of control, my risk increases, caution flies to the wind and basically I am out of control.  The need for God decreases as my speed increases.

But, when I slow down I feel the car is steady.  My ability to calculate risks is improved.  I can even relax and drive in “auto-pilot”, basically without thinking.  That is what it is like when my life is being controlled by God.

Isn’t is so much easier being a saint?

Deborah Flagg

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Deborah FlaggDeborah Flagg

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I was born and raised in South Africa.  We lived in LA while my dad earned his Bachelor’s of theology from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles in the late 60’s.  Yes, I was a preacher’s kid. I did my life “back to front” graduating this year at the age of 52 with an undergraduate in Public Service Administration (criminal justice) and plans to attend Law School. I have taught all levels of Bible classes throughout my lifetime in the church of Christ.  My favorite topic is any Scripture but more specifically Spiritual Warfare. We know that Satan is after God’s children and none of us is exempt. Discover how subtle and insidious the snares of Satan can be and how he knows every chink in our armor. Ladies, we are in a spiritual warfare and the Word of God is our…

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